Between The Lines

2 Apr 2024

Between The Lines

Between The Lines is a publication by strategy and copy studio Opening Line, which explores the massive (and misunderstood) world of brand language. This edition brings together a range of fresh perspectives from across the creative industry to drag brand language out of the basement and into the light.

Our design of the publication combined a distinctive spiral-bound format with a bold typographic palette and eye-catching fluorescent spot colour. Headlines utilise the personality of the Margo+Beuys typeface by Giulia Boggio, while the more functional Aeonik is employed for the text.

The publication is divided into four chapters: Clarity, Character, Community, and Continuity. Smaller tip-in sheets delineate each one with expressive pull quotes interspersed throughout the interviews.

 We commissioned illustrator Olga Prader to infuse her wit and playfulness into the publication whilst bringing the themes and ideas to life.

Limited copies are available from MagCulture.

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