Bossa Furniture

1 Jul 2024

Bossa Furniture

Bossa Furniture is a vintage and contemporary design gallery and furniture store based in São Paulo, Brazil, and New York City, USA. Their purpose is to preserve Brazil’s design heritage through original curation, documentation, and a commitment to conserving their historical furniture collection.

UIWD main task was to reposition and visually rebrand Bossa Furniture’s corporate image by highlighting their purpose through their original curation, documentation, and subsidiary brands. Simple with a twist, we designed the logotype to reflect the modernism inherent in their culture.

UIWD sought a typeface originally designed by Brazilians, leading us to choose the dt Jakob, created by Eduilson Coan and Gustavo Soares from dooType, one of Brazil’s leading independent foundries. We then customized the “SS” in the word BOSSA to embody the Brazilian culture’s unique style, showcasing the country’s distinct flair.

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