30 Jan 2024


Botnia, a professional skincare company, embodies the philosophy that ‘we are nature,’ intertwining skin care and earth care. Their eco-conscious, handcrafted products, sourced sustainably and grown on their microfarm in Sausalito, California, reflect a commitment to quality. With a focus on holistic estheticians, the design bridges consumer and spa needs, marrying modernity with inclusivity and well-being.

The logo symbolises Botnia’s position between nature and earth, while the packaging mirrors honesty and eco-friendliness, showcasing raw materials like aluminum. Illustrations by artists such as Dominica Brychcy capture the brand’s essence, printed on eco-friendly packaging from Marceli Printery. The color palette, derived from raw materials, fosters a bright, pastel, and organic feel, creating a harmonious, spa-like experience for users.

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