Cater Station

26 Aug 2022

Cater Station

Cater Station delivers delicious banquets of fresh food, to any event. From corporate functions to private parties, their boxes are the centerpiece of any occasion. In a post-covid world, Cater Station wanted to jump-start their business with a rebrand that truly delivered on the fun, flavour and enjoyment their product brings to the table.

South landed on the idea that Cater Station ‘Brings the party’, as it becomes the social hub for feasting. We turned the volume right up, with a loud and proud logotype, used at size, in a range of vibrant colours. A playful and light-hearted tone of voice is supported by a group of ‘Party Animals’. These illustrated characters bring another layer of joy and charm to the brand. Campaign photography pokes fun at the typically dry nature of corporate events before Cater Station saves the day. Overall, the new brand we’ve cooked up for Cater Station brings all the right flavours to any function.

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