Chandigarh Café

27 Jun 2022

Chandigarh Café

Chandigarh Café pays homage to the modernist heydays of the 1950s. A time of prosperity, indulgence and optimism for the future.

The concept for the restaurant is inspired by the northern Indian city of the same name, where the architect Le Corbusier freely experimented with his urban planning ideas. He designed Chandigarh with wide spaces, parks and tree-lined avenues alongside large concrete, block-like buildings dotted with bright colours – all in the aim of creating a place where people can live in joy and simplicity.

At the heart of the identity is a custom logo, designed to reflect the blocky concrete architecture of the city. Within some of the letterforms are quirky details that are a nod to some of the weird, wonderful (and surprisingly organic) details that can be found in Le Corbusier’s buildings. A bright and cheerful colour palette is used in a bold way to match the interiors, while also providing guests with a touch of the positivity & joy that Le Corbusier aimed to achieve with his original masterplan.

Photography: Alba Giné

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