Miltos Bottis

18 Jan 2023


Cinobo is a new movie streaming-on-demand platform, specialising on independent and alternative cinema. They strongly support the concept of personal suggestions and curation, which is why their service does not make use of any algorithm.

Building on their independent and convention-breaking character, the visual identity developed is heavily based on a bespoke typeface, Cinobo Display, which pairs beautifully with Noi Grotesk and countless movie frames or footage from their catalogue. The typeface, inspired by the rigid geometry of old movie theater signs, comprises of only uppercase letters and covers the latin and greek alphabets across two weights, regular and outline.

Subtly nudging to the full meaning of the name — Cinema No Borders — a rogue O in the logotype and a sharp motion around the main typographic elements, aim to express the attitude and the alternative character of the platform and its collection.

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