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Commercial Type

3 Oct 2023

Commercial Type

Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes, partners in the digital type foundry Commercial Type with offices in New York and London, are pleased to relaunch the company’s website, which has been thoroughly reengineered by design and development studio GrayBits, with creative direction by Studio Vance Wellenstein.

The foundry has a substantial library of more than 170 type families in more than 60 collections. GrayBits has addressed the immense scope of this offering by building tools to help sort, filter, and browse, and by adding a tester at the bottom of the main catalog page so that visitors can see their own text in any of the company’s typefaces without having to click through.

Another useful feature is a “pin tester,” which lets users pin any typeface on the site for further testing and comparison. Additionally, individual style pages now have a more robust tester and specifics on language support, OpenType features, and character sets.

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