Das Programm
System Studio

24 Nov 2020

Das Programm

Das Programm is a brand that specialises in knowing about a brand. It was founded by Systems Studio with our passion and expert knowledge spanning a century of Braun Design. Our aim was to create not only an archive of Braun Design but also a strong brand identity and social media presence to expand a community of passionate followers. 

The identity we created for the online archive captures the essence of Braun’s modernist aesthetic. High-quality bespoke imagery and image-based navigation enable exploration of Braun’s iconic products and contextualising information about them. 

A lively community of followers at the heart of Braun’s brand now has a home. Their passion and dialogue elevates the brand in today’s busy consumer market and, through contemporary channels,  gives weight to the perception of Braun as a maker with a heritage of high-quality products.

Typeface: NB International Pro

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