16 Nov 2023


Koto unveils Deezer’s refreshed brand identity, reflecting a strategic shift towards a new brand purpose; ‘Deezer helps you be and belong,’ and a brand personality that is bold, fresh and quirky. The revitalised brand extends across marketing, website, and product touchpoints, celebrating the value of connection and expression through music.

Building upon the ‘beating heart’ logo, Koto developed Deezer’s comprehensive design system using the beats within it. These adaptable, dynamic beats play various roles, creating patterns and graphic elements that form the visual identity. This flexibility enables these beats to serve as sound expressions, illustrative elements, and even captivating container shapes for imagery. This thematic thread runs through every facet of the system: extending to the new Deezer SANS font and its applications, branded visuals, iconography, art direction, and motion principles.

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