Digital Art Collection

17 Nov 2021

Digital Art Collection

»Digital Art Collection« shows the artworks of thirty international artists. Beside the box and catalogue, thirty wooden cuboids with a NFC chip are part of the edition. The NFC chip allows to activate and start the digital artworks on the enclosed tablet. The edition box creates a collective presentation of digital art in an intuitive way and uses different media formats such as AR, GIFs or 360° applications, enabling different forms of interaction simultaneously.

Through compiling the individual works, a multi-layered picture of digital art in general emerges. Embedded in a cuboid, each position manifests in analog space. The haptic cubes physically represent the immaterial works. Here, the form refers to the pixel — the smallest image point — and visualizes the digital image’s nature.

The surface design is based on circuit board structure, which as an essential computer component is also a fundamental element of technologies today and highlights them as such. In their abstracted representation, the cuboids invite endless combinations and evoke a playful, tactile approach to the artworks. This approach at the same time visualizes the idea of the collective and like a puzzle, the individual works come together to form a larger whole.

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