7 Oct 2020


Diode is a modular geometric type system produced by MuirMcNeil in collaboration with Natasha Lucas, a graphic designer working in visual identity, brand communications and typography.

Using only three different geometric modules to build the Diode alphabet, Lucas explored the ways in which form and counterform could be manipulated reciprocally to construct letters and words that are playfully ambiguous but that always remain true to their alphabetic origins. The result is a type system that is structurally incomplete but that maintains its visual integrity and legibility by optimising the use of space.

Diode has been cut in three versions, one positive and two negative, and in three sets of individual letter component fonts designed to register precisely with one another in layers, offering a huge range of visual possibilities.

It is available in the Latin 1 standard character set in Opentype encoding for Macintosh.

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