Lotta Nieminen

12 Nov 2021


Eadem is a beauty and lifestyle brand for the modern woman of color, pushing against preconceived cultural stereotypes. The brand exists for a wide spectrum of people across cultures, ethnicities, and skin colors: these multitudes are reflected through every detail of the identity and its implementations. Pronounced ee·​dem, Eadem means the same or all in Latin, alluding to the invisible bonds and stories that bind women of color together, defining their daily existence.

The visual identity celebrates the many facets of the Eadem woman: simultaneously strong and soft, holding her own unique self without loosing sight of her heritage. This duality is embodied in a logo that seems angular on first glance, but contains soft shapes upon closer examination.

The handdrawn logo has a distinct personality that emphasizes the idea that these are products designed specifically for you. A large, unapologetic logo taking over each surface it’s on evokes confidence in oneself — one Eadem strives to help their customers find. The multiplicity is equally embodied in typography — a mix of serif and sans serif, balancing playfulness and sophistication — and an energetic, bold colour palette.

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