Eames Institute

18 Apr 2022

Eames Institute

When Ray and Charles Eames were asked: “What are the boundaries of design?” they responded by turning the question on its head: “What are the boundaries of problems?” Some fifty years later, as we face problems of increasingly varied types and scales, their words—and their radically inclusive vision of design—remain as powerful as ever.

Introducing The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity, a new non-profit organization where the lessons of Ray and Charles are brought to life for a new generation willing to explore the “boundaries of problems.”

Containing thousands of artifacts, the Eames Collection is a one-of-a-kind record of the Eameses’ extraordinary partnership that encapsulates their unique methodologies and diverse interests. It offers countless examples of Ray and Charles’s process, and illustrates the lessons we can take from their approach to design. The Eames Institute is responsible for stewarding this remarkable body of work, while also making it accessible to other institutions and the public at large.

The Eames Institute enlisted Manual to create a brand identity for the organization and help bring the lessons of Ray and Charles Eames to life.

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