1 Feb 2022


Fedrigoni, the global masters of paper aesthetics, approached us to join their annual calendar publication, 365. The calendar celebrates 365 UK-based artists and showcases Fedrigoni’s sustainable paper range, Materica. We were assigned April 23rd as our date to play with, working onto a rich yellow stock and printed in metallic silver.

Inspired by the optimism of spring, and the idea of new beginnings, we pursued an abstract take on growing shoots. Taking our submission for the publication, we expanded our CGI explorations into a short film. The result is a celebration of a graphic, printed image in a world of paper, choreographed growth and emotive environmental lighting.

Centered around growth, we wanted to explore the way in which our date may have come into being. We turned to seed trays, looked at the translucency of new shoots and played with the fluidity of organic material. Spring brings with it a new perspective, so as individual shoots move and twist together, we begin to see the construction – viewed at a particular angle, the number is formed.

As a studio, our work almost always delivers as a digital end product, so the opportunity to create work to be printed and physical was an exciting prospect for the team. As with every year, all profits from the publication will be donated to charity, this year to Mind.

Client: Fedrigoni & TM Studio
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