Google DeepMind

15 Apr 2024

Google DeepMind

When Someform started developing the DeepMind brand imagery system it was clear from the getgo that the ultimate goal would be the creation of a standalone application tailored to the needs of the design team at Google DeepMind. This application would empower the inhouse team to effortlessly craft images in a cohesive visual language.

Someform embarked on the initial stages of crafting a 3D toolkit. A toolkit designed to possess distinctive visual characteristics, uniquely ownable, while simultaneously providing the flexibility needed to facilitate the creation of a diverse array of compositions and narratives.

As each element within this design system draws inspiration from specific aspects of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), our commitment extended beyond the mere creation of aesthetically pleasing visuals. It was imperative to underscore the narrative behind each abstraction, ensuring a harmonious blend of design and conceptual depth.

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