15 Nov 2021

Nestled rather unassumingly in the Oxfordshire countryside, Harwell is a powerhouse of innovation. Set across 700 acres, it’s home to an astonishing community of over six thousand scientists, engineers and innovators working to accelerate change and solve some of the critical problems facing our planet.

From space to life sciences, and energy to quantum computing, the campus fosters multidisciplinary collaboration, with a series of innovation clusters that come together to develop better, bolder solutions.

The brand created by dn&co positions Harwell as a platform that celebrates science and its unique power to unlock universal progress. It also seeks to foster a sense of ownership and belonging for the community at Harwell Science Campus.

Rooted in scientific notation, the identity draws on mathematics as the universal language of science, with a ‘caret’ as a symbol of exponential growth. Subtly referenced in the typeface, the caret becomes an ownable mark as part of a visual language that through colour, photography and dynamic grids further asserts the idea of growth and progress.

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