24 Jul 2022


Hitrak is a revolutionary transportation management system (TMS) that drives world-class productivity and visibility to your freight and logistics business. Their SaaS product connects drivers, managers, retailers, accounts and customers in a way that has never been achieved. By providing clarity to previously disparate (and sometimes non-existent) data sources, Hitrak optimises your freight operations and provides the necessary automation that makes it the backbone of any future-focused freight business.

Inspired by the order and logic Hitrak brings to logistics, the brand is intelligent and adaptive. Using a dot graphic motif, the logo references the constant flow of tracking information and parcels moving back and forth through multiple points. It also acts as Hitrak’s eye, with different states of motion indicating loading, processing and alerts within the software interface. Despite its simple appearance, the Hitrak wordmark was custom-drawn to ensure a harmonious balance between the letters.

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