Hyde Park Picture House
Rabbit Hole

26 Sep 2023

The Hyde Park Picture House

The Hyde Park Picture House, the only remaining gas lit cinema in the world, first opened its doors in 1914. After an extensive three-year renovation project to enhance accessibility, restore the ornate plasterwork, and add a second screen in the basement, the Grade II-listed building has now reopened.

Rabbithole worked closely with the HPPH team and a group of local residents to create a brand identity that could celebrate the cinema’s diverse film offerings.

To cater to the wide variety of target audiences, a distinct range of programme strands were introduced. Each strand was designed to playfully capture its genre characteristics, visually connected by a simple graphical framing device inspired by the cue mark (cigarette burn) traditionally seen in projection house cinemas. A series of animated idents allowed a glimpse into the multi-coloured world of interconnected strand identities.

The result creates a set of visuals that can flexibly resonate and reflect the different community groups they cater to, fostering a sense of inclusivity and promoting representation for all film enthusiasts.

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