Jörg Schellmann

5 Mar 2022

Jörg Schellmann

For all their simplicity, the most important goal in Jörg Schellmann’s furniture designs is to “avoid banality and reveal subtle beauty.” This kind of simplicity — skillfully reducing everything to the essentials — is anything but easy to achieve. It requires the special knowledge of aesthetics and the sort of artistic experience Schellmann has. As an art dealer and publisher, he has been working with the most important artists for over forty years. His furniture designs articulate his in-depth examination of Minimal and Conceptual Art. At the same time, they reflect an aesthetic that is equally inspired by industry and workshop. This work, as fascinating as it is clear, is presented in this illustrated book and accompanied by texts from Mateo Kries, Donald Judd, and Liam Gillick, among others. (Text by Hatje Cantz publishing)

Regarding the design of this book, we tried to emphasize the core of Jörg Schellmann’s work that is already determined in the title of this publication. With an embossed linen-wrapped cover, full format images, and minimalistic typography, inspired all the way by the furniture’s industrial aesthetics and colours, we developed this overview in close collaboration with Jörg Schellmann.

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