KH Type
Kurppa Hosk

20 Nov 2022

Swedish brand agency Kurppa Hosk has just launched KH Type – a type foundry to help companies amplify their brands and increase distinctiveness. The launch of KH Type aims to honour the agency’s typographical heritage while making their independently designed retail typefaces available to license.

In a world cluttered with content and messages, it’s the brands with distinct and coherent expressions that will stand out. That’s why Kurppa Hosk has always put typography front and centre when designing identities and experiences for brands. The typography can become a powerful tool through which a brand’s voice and personality are presented. The agency now launches its own type foundry offering retail and bespoke typefaces – KH Type.

“Typography has always been central to our work. The launch of a separate type foundry has been on the agenda for some time and it feels very exciting that we are finally launching KH Type”, says Thomas Kurppa

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