Kia Global Rebrand

7 Apr 2021

New Kia graphic system celebrates movement.

Kia’s new brand positioning ‘Movement that inspires’ is pretty straightforward: to ensure that whatever Kia does, every single product and every touch point for consumers, is able to literally inspire you.

And to celebrate that the new graphic system took its inspiration from Kia’s new logo. The logo, designed by Luc Donckerwolke together with Blackspace, allowed Innocean Berlin and Kia Design Center to build an unique graphic language.

‘The logo is a core visual representative of every brand. That’s why we decided to take inspiration from it  in our graphic system. By taking parts of the logo and turning them into graphical motifs. These motifs combined, allow us to build an easy to use, and modular system which stays recognizable throughout every format.’ – Bruno Oppido, Head of Art at Innocean Berlin

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