16 May 2022


KOKO is set to open its doors in April of 2022 following a £70-million restoration of which the new brand is part. KOKO 2.0 is a 50,000-square-foot arts and music venue and global music platform launching in partnership with award-winning content company SISTER. The venue has a new 360-degree stage and high-spec broadcasting, recording and live streaming capabilities built into the fabric of the grade II listed theatre, allowing artists to perform, co-produce, stream and distribute their music to fans around the world.

Working with Olly Bengough–the venue’s owner and the visionary behind the spectacular rebirth of KOKO, DixonBaxi developed a new strategy and iconic brand. One that functions as a stage for the world’s biggest musical acts whilst continually celebrating the importance of emerging artists. At the heart of the system is the concept ‘Countdown to Live’, the idea of bottling the anticipation, energy, experience and thrill unique to live events, and KOKO’s ability to beam those qualities across the globe through streamed performances, podcasts, back-stage moments and more.

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