12 Nov 2023

Leeds International Festival of Ideas

Leeds International Festival of Ideas (LIFI) is an annual event bringing together leading thinkers, writers, artists and experts from various fields, including science, technology, politics, and culture. The festival, running since 2017, occupies a unique space in the city’s cultural calendar, with a reputation for showcasing some of the most exciting and thought-provoking ideas from around the world.

Opposing views are often perceived as confrontational, yet, at the same time, echo chambers and tribal thinking hinder progress and fuel division. Since its inception, LIFI has embraced the opportunity to showcase contrasting viewpoints on stage, fostering tolerance, unity, and enlightenment. This foundational ethos is visually represented in the festival’s logo marque, where an opposing reflection resides.

For LIFI23’s creative direction, Rabbithole collaborated with Frankfurt-based 3D artist and good studio friend Joseph Töreki. The creative journey began with a playful exploration of how abstract resin shapes could be linked together. After many experiments, including charm bracelets and Lego bricks, totems stood out as the most intriguing option.

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