Mini Architecture Books

9 Aug 2022

Mini Architecture Books

Property developer Almacantar wanted to create a series of books, each celebrating the untold story of a property – with a focus on the challenges, design and architecture. The first in the series of ‘Mini Architecture Books’ was for Centre Point, once a disused office block seen as a ‘blight on the horizon’, now a set of iconic apartments and public square.

Dutchscot were responsible for the editorial content, curation, copywriting and design of the book. Working closely with interior architects Conran and Partners and public realm specialists MICA Architects, to ensure the inside story of the project was captured – warts and all. Inspired by architect’s use of tracing paper for drawing, the design of the book makes a feature of original sketches by Conran and Partners and MICA, printing them on translucent paper to juxtapose them with photography in both its before and after state.

The book is also wrapped in a translucent dust jacket featuring original sketches. Each book comes with a specially created scale ruler ‘book mark’ made from etched brass. The ratio of the ruler matches the architectural plans in the book itself.

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