Aeonik Mono and Fono
CoType Foundry

4 Mar 2022

Aeonik Mono and Fono

CoType Foundry introduces Aeonik Mono and Aeonik Fono. One is a typical fixed-pitch font where each character fits in a box of the same width. The other is a great illusionist posing as a mono but is actually proportionately spaced.

Our goal in creating Aeonik Mono was to pick up on the features that make the original Aeonik a beloved choice amongst designers and transform it into a true monospaced type family for use in any graphic design project and even for coding.

Aeonik Mono and Fono feature numerous stylistic sets, boxed and circled numerals as well as alternate characters and arrows.

Aeonik Mono and Fono are available in 7 weights ranging from Thin to Black. The extensive language support (Latin Extended A) allows type setting in most European languages written with the Latin script.

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