Murat Yumak

5 Jul 2023

Murat Yumak

Murat Yumak, a passionate garment, sneaker and design object collector, asked us to create a concept for displaying and selling his archive of vintage items—a place for likewise minds to find inspiration, knowledge, and their personal holy grail to purchase. Contrary to endless hauls, container-sized shipments, and quick sells via stories and reels, that took control of the vintage market.

Navarra drew a lot of inspiration from galleries and museums that could be considered works of art in their own right due to their architecture and interior design. At the same time, do not overshadow the art exhibited inside but rather honor it by doing so. Their starting point was an identity with the mood of 20th-century Swiss-type design and a functional webshop that is an experience on its own and a canvas that stands back to let the items shine and the story unfold.

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