Not A Bike Shop

20 Jun 2024

Not A Bike Shop

Not A Bike Shop is an architecture practice based in Belgium creating stunning spaces. They assemble architecture and design in unexpected combinations, being catalysts for transformation with poetry and a dash of well-placed humor. The team approached Coast to help them position their efforts with a bold brand strategy.

The name was designed by evidence. Located in a premises previously a bicycle shop, the team was constantly disturbed by customers who usually came in for their bicycle repairs. Annoyed by the situation, the team stuck a large sticker on the windows with the words “Not A Bike Shop”. This evidence seemed close to their attitude while preserving the original meaning of this new name.

For the digital development, the Not A Bike Shop website required an experience that represents the practice’s conceptual approach. Coast crafted a journey that created a continual path of discovery for users without sacrificing the opportunity to facilitate key messages.

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