11 Dec 2021


The OKOK-Meter is a series of interactive instruments that measures the user’s “OKOK-ness” based on their behavioural patterns. Based on the readings, the meters playfully dispense a reading slip that displays results assessing their state of OKOK-ness with ºKºK, a fictional unit of measurement.

Working closely with OKOK Services to visually explore and interpret what “OKOK” could be, MPTY reimagined OKOK Services having a non-creative arm which designed, manufactured and produced OKOK-Meters. The art direction and design of the meters — from functionality, form and typefaces, to naming and instructional copy — took inspiration from the utilitarian vernacular and details of meters, gauges, and apparatus. Studying devices of different shapes and sizes, past and present, analog and digital, the neutral and functional visual language of the meters were playfully contrasted with unconventional shapes and colours, and the inclusion of subtle “faces” in each meter.

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