12 Mar 2024


PEAL make patches for the people. PEAL empowers you on your period. But based in Kuwait, their name needed to capture this practical support in a tasteful way – it’s convenient, comfortable and light-hearted. Beyond this, the name needed international appeal and relevance to other lifestyle uses. From ‘patches that heal’ came PEAL.

The basis of the visual language is an impactful wordmark. Designed with curved details that reference the patches themselves, it’s strong, confident (but not loud) and approachable. Cutting-through the wordmark are imagery and graphics inspired by the soft shapes formed in light and shadow on the human body. Further depth, fun, and dynamism are explored through the colour, typography, and layout.

The identity juxtaposes chill with energy: it’s discreet, credible and honest, interjected with youthful moments. We had a blast creating it.

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