Petite France
Ina Bauer

29 Jun 2021

Petite France

Petite France is a little boulangerie situated in the heart of Stuttgart. The visual identity incorporates French flair in two ways using language: French is not only characteristic when the proprietor Dominique Gueydan welcomes and serves his customers: the wording defines the three mainstays of Petite France – delicatessen (“frais”), boulangerie (“délicieux”), delivery and party service (“pour toi”) – and is also deployed as a communicative element.

Typography as visual language: the specially designed corporate font builds on the shapes of “Didot” (for France) and Schelter & Giesecke’s “Grotesk mit Gemeinen” (for Germany). The font is based on an open source font (Sporting Grotesk) which has been modified by integrating the characteristic elements such as shorter ascenders and descenders, increased stroke contrast, wide stems and the omission of serifs.

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