Play Play Laaaaah
Studio Bang-Gu

29 Apr 2022

Play Play Laaaaah

Studio Bang-Gu, is a small design studio located in San Francisco, CA. We are a collaborative design practice founded by Daisy DalHae Lee & Lucien Ng. Engaged in ongoing partnerships in the fields of art & commerce, our work is fueled by a multifaceted influence of eastern and western sensibilities.

Studio Bang-Gu created a zine called ‘Play Play Laaaaah’, it is about reimagining Singapore’s most iconic dragon playground. The modular dragon playground forms and custom display typeface we designed draws inspiration from our nostalgic past, the creative process of how we used to play at the playground. We utilized the pieces from the dragon playground and reconstructed them to build our modular letterforms, this system allowed us to create endless possibilities of playgrounds and letterforms,

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