16 Dec 2021


Scandium is a contemporary sans with open shapes and a technical vibe inspired by the needs of the automotive industry — openness, performance, and style. With its modestly squared curves, high x-height, and vertical terminals, Scandium marries performance with purpose and is designed to look good both on-screen and in print.⁠

This type family seeks to fulfill the needs of designers looking to create a purposeful look for anything from automotive brands to space travel and aviation, even for luxury watches. Across all its 7 weights – from Thin to Black – Scandium looks self-assured and functional, without ever seeming bland or overly constructed.⁠

The Scandium family includes a large set of icons, which relate back to the desire for it to be used within in-car entertainment systems. CoType
™ created icons and symbols that can be used in multiple environments, from web UI to digital media players, from electric vehicles to navigation systems. To top it off, they included a fun set of emojis (smiley, heart and poo) that can inject some fun into any design.

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