Shape Sifting

Osvald Landmark

20 Feb 2024

Shape Sifting

Osvald runs a multidisciplinary design practice based in New York that specialises in visual identities; offering creative direction, graphic design and branding. Motion and rhythm is an integral part of his approach often with an elevated focus on typography and tool making.

In his publication Shape Sifting, Osvald asks “What does it mean to filter out reality?”. Through his own body of work and processes he explores the notion of discovering by removing. Meanwhile the answer to his question is found in his animations shown on Times Square. Using an analogue technique called barrier-grid animation where a set of vertical lines are moved across a surface to create an optical illusion, the seemingly illegible shapes are transformed into a sequence of frames, revealing the hidden motion of a figure or message of words.

Through his work Osvald transcends the conventional idea of what graphic design is – working with artists, performers, musicians and composers on a wide variety projects across the world and recently came out with issue 3 of his magazine Twist.

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