Swiss Museum of Games

29 Apr 2024

Swiss Museum of Games

It is unique in Switzerland. It shines a spotlight on everything from marbles, pawns, dice, cards, and the board games of yesteryear, to the controllers, joysticks, pixels, and video games of today. Welcome to the Swiss Museum of Games (Musée Suisse de Jeu, or MSJ) – the Mecca of games, if you will – which boasts eight rooms exclusively dedicated to the history of games.

While the theme was certainly meant to be playful, the rules of this rebranding game were strict. Hymn’s mission’s first task was to create an identity that evoked a universe of games without relying on any single game as a muse. That meant excluding cards, chess pieces, checkers, dominos, Monopoly tokens, Scrabble tiles or any other famous contemporary game elements.

Their proposals needed to be timeless yet simple and easy to understand by a diverse audience ages 3-99 years old. Secondly, instead of a traditional logo, the museum was looking for a visual identity that could be adjusted for multiple internal teams and for multiple formats – like a custom (Hymn-designed) version of Tetris.

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