Szczepaniak Astridge
Begin Create

22 Sep 2021

Szczepaniak Astridge

A new brand for architects Szczepaniak Astridge with a bespoke typeface called SZCAST Sans by British Standard Type. It reflects their attitude and approach – one that transcends the usual tropes found in architecture. Here the ephemeral can become part of the palette, and art is constantly coupled with science.

Inspired by the idea of ‘sensory architecture’ Begin Create formed a distinct marque and stripped-back language to reflect more a creative house, than simply an architectural practice.

SZCAST Sans was born out of a triangulation of references including Adam Półtawski’s Antiqua typeface — Antykwa Półtawskiego (1928), Herman Zapf’s humanist sans-serif typeface — Optima (1958) and a handful of Neo Grotesque influences including Karl Gerstner’s Program (1967) and Akzidenz-Grotesk (1898).

Szcast Sans has been developed in two optical cuts — a Text version for long copy and a Display version for the additional crispness of detail at large sizes.

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