The Residents

19 Apr 2022

The Residents

The Residents is an interior design firm and furniture dealer devoted to design that is resourceful, sustainable, expressive, and inspirational.

They believe in the power of consumers to better the world through the selection of design that is thoughtful, functional, and well-crafted. Their products celebrate the makers, respect the sourcing of materials, and have enduring value to their collectors.

To coincide with the launch of their new brick-and-mortar retail location, Landscape worked with The Residents to clarify their brand story and to craft a new extensible identity system that reflects their passion for design, self expression, and community. The system was extended across an array of customer-focused collateral including business cards, shopping bags, environmental graphics, and digital marketing templates.

The Residents is owned and lead by Claudia Mahecha, named ‘Best Interior Designer in San Francisco’ by San Francisco Magazine.

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