V–A–C Foundation
Alex Kalashnikov

7 Oct 2021

V–A–C Foundation

V–A–C Foundation aims to reimagine system of artistic and knowledge production, seeks to create conditions for promoting interest in culture and appreciation of art.

The new website opens the V–A–C universe. It offers multiple experiences in art and culture for newcomers and professionals. A website where to navigate or dive into as provided with the help of the serendipity connections concept proposed by artist Mikhail Tolmachev. At the same time, the website is a conventional and simple resource for obtaining information about V–A–C.  The website is designed in the diagramatic language created by Experimental Jetset studio, that is spread inside the V–A–C Foundation by the graphic design team.

Designer: Alexander Kalashnikov

Development: Perushev & Khmelev

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