Porto Rocha

20 Nov 2021


With a comprehensive library of over 500,000 videos and 26 billion views per month, Vevo is the world’s leading music video network. From the biggest music videos to up-and-coming artists and original content — Vevo provides 24/7 access to music videos across every screen.

The new identity introduces brand elements that allow Vevo to expand beyond its classic watermark and into a more culturally-driven editorial space, helping to articulate their expert POV on music videos, backed by the numbers that only Vevo can claim. Through a dynamic, artist-centric design system, the brand is at the same time supportive and confident—balancing Vevo’s brand presence with the artists and the work at the heart of the platform.

The layout system builds dynamic compositions that frame and champion an ever-expanding roster of content. Riffing on the core idea of amplification, Vevo’s new motion system becomes an ownable brand element in itself. A dynamic scaling approach leverages the modularity of layouts to present content with clarity while alluding to the vast library of music videos Vevo has to offer. Even in static applications, the spirit of the scaling-block movement plays a key role in delivering high-energy compositions.

Integral to the layout approach is a comprehensive system of secondary tones. These tints and shades of a flexible color palette support engaging information hierarchies, and at times serve as a shorthand for the many genres and subgenres within Vevo’s catalogue. Supporting the more expressive brand elements is a utilitarian sans serif typeface, Plain. Designed by François Rappo for the Swiss type foundry Optimo, it complements the geometry of the Vevo logo and provides a warmth associated with revivalist Grotesque typeface design.

The modular graphic block system offers flexibility and cohesion. Adapting to support text, image, and video, it unifies Vevo’s visual language and flexes across aspirational brand moments, business materials, and data visualization alike. A dynamic visual toolkit and polished brand voice allow Vevo to communicate with the confidence of an industry leader. The new identity not only amplifies artist expression but also extends an invitation into the exciting audiovisual worlds that only Vevo can offer.

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