Justified Studio

18 Oct 2023


Justified Studio have been commissioned by Wild, who are pioneering a new movement of art that puts the experience at the centre. Justified built a bespoke brand and digital platform to create space for the multidimensional, the immersive and the experimental. The future of art is Wild.

Wild are makers, builders, art lovers, collectors and change makers at the forefront of digital and spatial innovation. Shaping more than the future of art, Wild are on a mission to forever change the way we see the world. Justified partnered with Wild to build the worlds that have yet to be built and amplify the art that exists in them.

Justified Studio created a strategic framework and visual identity that pushes their vision forward.
Underpinned by the notion of a ‘world in progress’, Justified looked to hero the brand’s core value of curiosity, and highlight their dedication to empowering the digital creators of tomorrow.

In this new home for experiential art, everyone is invited to explore the unseen and the unknown.

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